Why Perez Computers

(I) Standard And Customs Designs:

Our ranges of systems are manufactured to meet customer’s specification (e.g. Notebooks with infrared, Bluetooth compatible, DVD/CD writers and original software e.t.c. for chief executive of organizations.

(II) Quality Assured:

Our ranges of products irrespective of brand are manufactured with optimum qualities with environmental factors and others. To cap it all, our products enjoy full warranty.

(III) Technical / Engineering Excellence:

Perez computers Technical support solution team are experienced and trained to install and maintain any of our product onsite This group also offer free user training and professional advice on the use of our products.

(IV) Delivery Services:

We strategically loaded to meet you and your requirement right on your door step. This we carry out under the giving frame without any stress.

(V) Reliable:

It is in our record that our services are reliable and the best which is done base on international business and technical standard. Our clients can best testify about our reliability of our unequal products.

(VI) Easy Maintenance Services:

We carry out both periodic and permanent maintenance on request to our customer irrespective of location. Our maintenance also cover already existing system network if so deserved.